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November 26,2021

Introducing Our New Estate Manager Hannah Shah

Meet the Estate Manager at Verdant Hill who digs deep for the best outcomes

When Hannah Shah started working at Verdant Hill in 2017, she was already a seasoned professional in land and home sales. “Before I joined the team at Verdant Hill, in 14 months I sold 280 contracts in Rockbank,” she explains. Experience and knowledge are what Hannah calls her superpowers, but most of the community in Tarneit would add she has a magnetic personality and is a go-to for information about schools and amenities in the area.

Her love of work is authentic and genuine, translating to long lasting relationships that have followed her from sales at one estate to the next. “This industry is all about fun and making sure the client is happy. I’ve gone through the first home buyer stage so I know how they feel.” Trust is critical in any sales role. “I get people calling me years after they’ve bought and want to buy again from me.”

A known personality in and around Tarneit, Hannah moved to the area from Gujrat, India, shortly after arriving in Australia in 2012. “I have a degree in Engineering and an MBA in IT as a specialised subject and I’ve been in sales since I passed my post-graduation.” Her background and education resonate strongly with new buyers to the area. Many share a similar story to her own and place a high value on the importance of a good education.

“I moved to Tarneit in 2014 when the first railway station was established. I have seen the changes in the community and the way it has developed. There’s been a lot of growth – huge – and the increase in home values has been significant.”

For the past seven years, Hannah has helped thousands of new residents find their perfect home and realise a profit in their primary investment. Her two children have been beneficiaries of the outstanding choice in schools, whilst the opportunity to live and work in the community has enhanced the quality of life for herself and her family. “There are 20 schools in the area, which is what we want as family members. Then there are parks and public transport.”

Verdant Hill is unique in the area and an easy sell to buyers looking for lifestyle and convenience. “Being a huge project, it’s got parks and open areas, walking and bike riding trails. And the council has committed to 16 tennis courts and 2 football fields. It’s a huge benefit of the area.”

Then there’s the Estate’s 59 hectares of open parkland. “And the location,” adds Hannah. “Tarneit is 4.9km and existing amenities are just 2km. The location is just a really desirable pocket in the area.”

From the first home to dream home

Hannah’s focus on the customer experience extends well beyond the sale. “If the client is struggling to find a design, I’m there to help them find one. And price, of course, I can also help make it work.”

Hannah explains a particularly difficult situation to illustrate her point. “During the tough times when the market was down slightly last year, I had a client struggling to find the right house and land package. It took me a month to find him the right property. It was before we were selling stage 11 [at Verdant Hill]. I even had to find him builders to do the sighting to see how the home would fit on his block, along with the quotation from a couple of builders. Now, several months later, he’s recommended me to another two buyers.”

Her knowledge of the area and it’s growing community gives her special insight into the needs of new home buyers, with advice that holds true wherever you want to live. “Look out for what you need around you – like good schools,” she suggests before adding: “Always have a builder review your plans and how it will fit on the land. And of course, check through all the details on the contract so you can be confident and prepared for every stage.”

Does she miss Gujrat? “Oh yes! The food is amazing. But the traffic is horrible, so it’s safe to say my family and I are happier here.”

To find out more about Verdant Hill, contact Hannah Shah, Estate Manager, on 0428 072 703 or email Hshah@coreprojects.com.au for information on the latest release.