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August 26,2021

Meet Rohit Madad

The newest member of Core Project’s team at Verdant Hill explains what drew him to the area and the company.

Rohit Madad’s pathway to the vast open spaces of Melbourne’s western suburbs began with a dream. “My father has a real estate and construction business. My aim was to return to work with him, once I’d completed architecture at Monash.” Seven years later and he’s still here; not quite an architect, but pursuing property dreams nonetheless.

“I moved here in 2014 to begin my studies in Art and Design with a pathway to Architecture. Eventually, I began working in property sales. I planned a return to India to work with my father, but once I started working in property development and land sales, I realised it’s what I wanted to do.”

As the newest member of the Core Projects team at Verdant Hill, he’s both familiar with the area as a resident of Point Cook and acknowledges his background gives him an advantage. He misses family and friends in Haryana, near New Delhi, but the ethnically diverse population of the west’s emerging suburbs – about 40% Indian – is beginning to feel like home with new friends and a growing family.




“There was no open space where I was living in the city. Here, all these open spaces are so close. It’s really good here. And I’m close to work.”

Leaning on his passion for architecture, Rohit finds he has the necessary skills to explain home design and walk buyers through floorplans so they are knowledgeable and confident in their purchase decisions.

The role at Core Projects came about through a friend working at the company. “When I got an opportunity to work at Core Projects, I had great reviews from a friend who worked there and I’d heard really good things about the company,” he explains on why he joined the team at Verdant Hill. “It’s not a huge company and they really take good care of their employees.”

He sees this care extending to details in projects that make the suburbs Core Projects develops liveable and loved by the communities drawn to them. “There’s so much open space at Verdant Hill and it’s so close to amenities.”

If he misses only one thing about home, it’s Diwali, where planning for the festival begins sometimes a month in advance. “Here, we don’t always know when it starts, but we are making new traditions.” The lifestyle opportunities, in a part of Melbourne where parkland and nature are integral to urban design, draw Rohit and his friends outdoors more often to walk, cycle, play games, and picnic.

He may not be working with his father, enjoying a life of comfortable familiarity, but like the families, downsizers, and young couples flocking to the west, Rohit has found a home: a place where work and play are equally catered for with a growing circle of loved ones.

To learn more about Verdant Hill, call Rohit on 0476 766 153 or email info@verdanthill.com.au.