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Be happy and healthy at Verdant Hill

02 Oct - Walk to the shops rather than driving. Hang the washing on the line instead of using the dryer. Maybe even mow that lawn with gusto. Fitness can so easily fit into even the most busy lives, so imagine what you could achieve with just a little effort.

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It's the place to live

19 Jul - Tarneit's population is soaring, making it one of one of Melbourne's fastest growing areas.

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This is progress for you

04 Jun - Yes, it's all happening here at Verdant Hill, including the progress in these stages.

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Verdant Hill Construction Update

16 Mar - Catch a bird's eye view of Verdant Hill taking shape

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Even more to love about Tarneit

13 Feb - Just when you thought it really couldn't get any better than the lifestyle we have here

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Getting ready to build?

18 Jan - Some tips to make your laundry so much more.

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Land yourself one of 1,200 new jobs

03 Dec - Melbourne's west will see 1,200 new jobs created in the next five years as part of the State Government's $1.8 billion western roads upgrade

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Construction Update: Tangerine Creek Comes to Life

06 Nov - Civil works at Verdant Hill's Tangerine Creek began in July and have been progressing smoothly over the past three months.

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14 Sep - Since July 1, more Victorian first home buyers have had the opportunity to break into the housing market, thanks to the Victorian Government's housing affordability package.

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Introducing Cardinal Fields, Verdant Hill's newest village

30 Aug - Exciting news! The much-anticipated second village at Verdant Hill was released over the weekend to great success. Introducing Cardinal Fields, the latest addition to the neighbourhood.

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