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Be happy and healthy at Verdant Hill
Be happy and healthy at Verdant Hill

Be happy and healthy at Verdant Hill

Walk to the shops rather than driving. Hang the washing on the line instead of using the dryer. Maybe even mow that lawn with gusto. Fitness can so easily fit into even the most busy lives, so imagine what you could achieve with just a little effort.

Set aside the time

It can be as little as 10 minutes here and there. But link it to something you know you are going to do without fail so you won't forget. For instance, for 10 minutes after every meal you will do stretches, sit-ups or jumping jacks, among others.

Start small

Make your goals achievable and build from there. If you have not run for awhile, try walking a little, then jogging, even if it just around the block to begin.

Involve others

Having a walking partner or a gym buddy will ensure you stick to the schedule. So ask friends, family, neighbours, colleagues or any one else who wants to get fit too.

Join a class

Just for the fun do a little dancing, yoga or even rock climbing. If you are enjoying yourself, it won't feel like hard work and you'll have no trouble keeping it up

Go harder

Why sit when you can stand? Why stroll when you can power walk? Climb escalators. Take stairs instead of lifts. Get off public transport one stop short. By going for the harder option you boost your cardio rate and tone that bod without even feeling like you're working out.

What are you waiting for?

Today's as good as any to start your get fit regime.

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