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Getting ready to build?
Getting ready to build?

Some tips to make your laundry so much more.

The beauty of building is that you can make the spaces your own and where better to start than with the laundry?
This often overlooked room has the potential to do so much more than wash and dry clothes.
It can help you reduce household costs, perform other uses and even double as another room entirely.

Save space, time or money

Front loading washers are stackable, requiring less room. Their efficient spin cycle can also result in less drying time.
Top loaders, on the other hand, tend to have shorter wash cycles.
And, if you add a fold out clothes rack think of the energy costs you'll save.

A place for everything

Give some thought to your laundry cabinets and cupboards.
They will need to house a whole variety of household items, from detergents and ironing boards to vacuums cleaners, duster, mop and bucket.
Of course, if it is quite confined, fill the walls with hooks to hang these things.
By keeping the floor clear you will create a sense of space.

A work top

A bench is an asset in a laundry for sorting and folding. Of course, it doesn't have to blow the budget.
So while you can go with the same finish as you have in the kitchen, you can save money by using a laminate.

Boot room

If your laundry has outside access, it can also double as a boot room. A place where you remove shoes, hang coats or even wipe down the dog after a walk in the park. So consider adding hooks, a bench or even storage for umbrellas and gum boots.
Not long now till building commences at Verdant Hill.
So give some thought to your ideal home. Or if you're still to buy, check out our remaining Land and House & Land options.