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Even more to love about Tarneit
Getting ready to build? Even More To Love About Tarneit

Just when you thought it really couldn't get any better than the lifestyle we have here, you find that Wyndham Vale City Council has submitted a wish list, to both the state and federal governments, in the lead up to the next budget.

More Rail Stations

As reported in Star Weekly, January 9, 2018, top of the wish list are two Regional Rail Link stations on Black Forest and Davis Roads.

Thirteen New Schools

Funding has been requested to build a secondary school and two more primary ones. Also funds are being sought to plan and acquire land for another seven primary, two secondary and a special need's school. These will ensure that our very high standard of education is maintained as more families move here in the future.

Easier Access For Everyone

The wish list extends to a four-lane Ison Road Overpass Bridge, the removal of two local level crossings and also supporting Avalon's plans to become an international airport. How convenient for those family holidays and for job creation.

All The While Maintaining Existing Services

Of course, some of the wishes are for continued support. This includes the 15 hours per week of kindergarten currently being funded by the federal government.
As a booming region, very popular with homebuyers, Wyndham Vale City Council is joining the call for increased and long-term funding in Growing Suburbs like ours.
With everything our area has to offer and now this wish list, Wyndham Vale City Council is committed to preserving the wonderful city/coastal/country life that families here enjoy.

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