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This is progress for you
This is progress for you

This is progress for you

Tarneit Road is now closed so that intensive infrastructure works can commence and continue throughout June. If you have been down to check on developments recently you would have noticed that the stripping and earth work on this entrance road is almost completed, with diggers trenching, then installing the pit in readiness for pipe laying.

Yes, it's all happening here at Verdant Hill, including the progress in these stages.

Stages 01 & 02: Electrical engineers are on site

Having completed everything from the earthwork, sewer, drainage, water and gas to the conduits, A.G. drains, kerb, channel, prime and asphalt work, it's now over to the electrical engineer teams. These crews are responsible for the electrical/Opticomm trenching and reticulation, so future residents will be switched on with access to the NBN. Once this box is ticked, the concreters and bricklayers will be arriving on site. They are expected to start work on the footpaths this June. Due to a delay in connections to external services that is out of our control, title expectations have been pushed out and are now expected November/December of this year. However, we are confident that with a resolution now in place, titles will be delivered along the new projected timelines.

Stage 03: Drains are now being completed

Already earthwork, sewer, drainage, subgrade and lower subbase are finished. Water &gas is 90 per cent completed with five per cent of the A.G. drains done. This will be followed by prime and asphalt work on the local streets, as well as kerb and channel installation. Titles expected Dec 18'/Jan 19'

Stage 04: Water and Gas is 80 per cent there

Soon water and gas will be ticked, to add to the earthwork, sewer, drainage, subgrade and lower base that is already finished. Then it will be onto the A.G. drains before the street can be laid, with kerb and channel installed. Titles expected Dec 18'/Jan 19'

Stages 05 & 06: Drainage, Water and Gas in progress

Having already completed the earthwork and sewer, next up is excavation to subgrade and lower subbase. Titles expected Mid 19'

Throughout these and future works, the Verdant Hill site office will remain open to handle all your enquiries for Land and House & Land.

With so much in progress, check the News on our website or follow us on Facebook for updates as they happen.

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